Download IGNOU MSCENV Project  & Dissertation (MEVP 11)

The IGNOU MSCENV Project (MEVP 11) is a crucial part of the Master of Science (Environmental Science) program at Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). IGNOU MSCENV Project Dissertation (MEVP 11) designed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application in environmental science. Master of Science (Environmental Science) Programme aims at generating skilled man power to tackle the growing environmental and developmental problems and changes arising from the transition to a sustainable society.

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IGNOU MSCENV Project Topics (MEVP 11)

  • A Study On Attitude, Awareness And Practice Of Women Towards Environmental Protection
  • An Observational Study On Women’s Role Towards Environment In Xyz Area
  • A Study On Environmental Deterioration Crisis In Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir
  • A Study On Environmental Awareness Among College Students Of Xyz City And Their Concern About Environmental Issues
  • Aspects Of Climate Change Contributing To The Vulnerability Of Pastoralist Communities In Jammu & Kashmir
  • Climate Change And Its Effect On The Agrarian Population Of Jammu District, Jammu And Kashmir
  • A Study On Environmental Awareness Among College Students Of Xyz City
  • Dimensions Of Environmental Degradation It’s Impact And Awareness Among People
  • A Study On Green House Effects And Climate Disasters On India
  • A Study On Green Conservation In Delhi
  • Ecological Imbalance And Environmental Degradation: An Analytical Study

How do you choose a topic for your IGNOU MSCENV Project Dissertation (MEVP 11)?

Choose a topic that is relevant, interesting, and feasible. It should address current environmental issues or challenges. Consult with your supervisor to ensure the topic is appropriate and manageable within the given timeframe.

Can you change your MSCENV project topic after submission of the proposal?

Generally, once the proposal is approved, changes to the topic are discouraged. However, if you encounter significant issues, discuss them with your supervisor and seek approval for any necessary changes.

How important is the IGNOU MSCENV Project Dissertation (MEVP 11) for your degree?

The MEVP 11 project is a crucial component of the MSc in Environmental Science (MSCENV) program at IGNOU. Here are several reasons why it is important:

Application of Knowledge

  • Practical Experience: The project provides an opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge gained during the course to real-world environmental issues.
  • Skills Development: It helps in developing practical research skills, including data collection, analysis, problem-solving, and scientific writing.

Academic Requirement

  • Degree Completion: Successfully completing the MEVP 11 project is mandatory for earning your MSc in Environmental Science degree from IGNOU.
  • Credit Weightage: The project carries significant credit weightage, which contributes to your overall grade and GPA in the program.

Professional Growth

  • Career Advancement: The skills and experience gained from conducting the project can enhance your employability and open up career opportunities in environmental research, consultancy, policy-making, and more.
  • Networking: Working on the project may involve collaboration with professionals, organizations, and institutions, helping you build a network in the field of environmental science.

Research and Innovation

  • Original Research: The project encourages you to conduct original research, contribute new knowledge to the field, and possibly publish your findings in academic journals or conferences.
  • Innovation: It fosters innovative thinking and problem-solving approaches to address environmental challenges.

Personal Development

  • Critical Thinking: Engaging in a comprehensive research project hones your critical thinking and analytical skills.
  • Time Management: Managing a project from proposal to completion teaches valuable time management and organizational skills.

Evaluation and Feedback

  • Assessment: The project is thoroughly evaluated based on the quality of research, clarity, and coherence of the report, and your performance during the viva voce.
  • Feedback: The evaluation process provides constructive feedback, helping you improve your research capabilities and academic writing.

What should be included in the IGNOU MSCENV Project Proposal (MEVP 11)?

A well-structured project proposal for the MEVP 11 project in the MSc in Environmental Science program at IGNOU should include the following components:

1. Title

  • Project Title: A concise and descriptive title that clearly indicates the focus of your research.

2. Introduction

  • Background: Provide context and background information on the chosen topic.
  • Problem Statement: Clearly define the research problem or question you intend to address.
  • Rationale: Explain the significance and relevance of the research. Why is this study important?

3. Objectives

  • Main Objective: State the primary goal of your research.
  • Specific Objectives: List specific, measurable objectives that you aim to achieve through your study.

4. Literature Review

  • Review of Relevant Literature: Summarize existing research related to your topic. Highlight gaps in the current knowledge that your project aims to fill.
  • References: Provide citations for the literature reviewed.

5. Methodology

  • Research Design: Describe the overall research design (e.g., experimental, descriptive, exploratory).
  • Data Collection Methods: Detail the methods you will use to collect data (e.g., surveys, interviews, fieldwork, laboratory experiments).
  • Sampling: Explain your sampling strategy, including the population and sample size.
  • Data Analysis: Outline the techniques and tools you will use to analyze the data collected.
  • Ethical Considerations: Address any ethical issues related to your research, such as consent and confidentiality.

6. Work Plan

  • Timeline: Provide a detailed timeline of your project activities, including proposal submission, data collection, analysis, report writing, and final submission.
  • Milestones: Identify key milestones and deadlines.

7. Expected Outcomes

  • Results: Describe the anticipated results or findings of your research.
  • Implications: Discuss the potential impact of your research on the field of environmental science or policy.

8. Resources

  • Required Resources: List the resources you will need to complete your project, such as equipment, software, and access to specific data or locations.
  • Budget (if applicable): Provide an estimated budget for your project, detailing any expected costs.

9. References

  • Citations: Include a list of all references cited in your proposal using a consistent citation style (e.g., APA, MLA).

10. Appendices (if applicable)

  • Supplementary Material: Include any additional material that supports your proposal, such as questionnaires, data collection tools, or detailed methodological notes.

Do you need any special permission for fieldwork?

Yes, you may need permissions from relevant authorities for conducting fieldwork, especially if it involves sensitive areas or populations. Ensure you have all necessary permissions before starting your research.

How do you submit your IGNOU MSCENV Project Dissertation (MEVP 11)?

The submission process for your IGNOU MSCENV Project Dissertation involves two main steps:

Preparing the Report:

  • Format: Ensure your report adheres to the guidelines set by IGNOU. This likely includes using a specific font size and spacing, including page numbers, and maintaining a certain word limit (usually around 7000-8000 words, excluding appendices).
  • Content: The report should follow a well-structured format, typically including sections like Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, and References.
  • Soft Copy: Prepare a soft copy of your report in PDF format for submission on a CD.

Physical Submission:

  • Bound Copy: Submit a single, bound copy of your original project report along with the CD containing the soft copy.
  • Packaging: Pack the report securely to avoid damage during transport.
  • Addressing: Clearly mark the envelope with “M.Sc. Environmental Science (MSCENV) Project Report (MEVP- 011)” on the top and address it to:

The Registrar,

Student Evaluation Division,


Maidan Garhi,

New Delhi-110 068

When should you start working on your IGNOU MSCENV Project (MEVP 11)?

There isn’t a single, specific start date mandated by IGNOU for working on your MEVP 11 project. It depends on a few factors:

  • Program Stage: The MEVP 11 project is typically undertaken in the advanced stages of the Master of Science (Environmental Science) program. Check your program guide or consult your advisor to confirm the recommended stage for starting the project.
  • Project Proposal Approval: A crucial step before diving into the research is getting your project proposal approved by your supervisor. This  involves finalizing your research topic and outlining your methodology. The time for approval can vary depending on communication with your supervisor and any revisions needed.

Realistically, you can begin conceptualizing your project topic and exploring potential research areas even before formal proposal submission. However, it’s best to hold off on intensive data collection and analysis until you have your supervisor’s green light.

Here are some suggestions to optimize your MSCENV project timeline:

  • Identify Potential Topics Early: Start brainstorming research topics that align with your interests within the environmental science field. You can use IGNOU’s suggested list or explore current environmental issues in your region.
  • Connect with a Supervisor: Discuss potential project topics with your assigned supervisor. Their guidance can help you refine your research focus and ensure it’s feasible within the project timeframe.
  • Develop a Draft Proposal: Once you have a promising topic, start working on a draft proposal outlining your research objectives, methodology, and data collection plan. This will expedite the formal approval process by your supervisor.

What is the evaluation process for the IGNOU MSCENV Project (MEVP 11)?

The evaluation process for your IGNOU MSCENV Project involves two main stages:

Project Report Evaluation:

  • Submission: You’ll submit a bound copy of your project report along with a soft copy on a CD to IGNOU’s Student Evaluation Division.
  • Evaluators: A panel of experts appointed by IGNOU will assess your report based on pre-defined criteria. These criteria likely include:
  • Content Clarity and Relevance: Well-defined research question, logical flow of ideas, and adherence to the chosen topic.
  • Literature Review: Demonstrated understanding of existing research on the chosen topic and proper citation of sources.
  • Methodology Appropriateness: Selection of a suitable research approach and data collection methods aligned with the research question.
  • Data Analysis and Interpretation: Accurate presentation and insightful interpretation of the collected data.
  • Conclusion and Recommendations: Well-supported conclusions drawn from the research findings and practical recommendations for future actions.
  • Report Presentation and Formatting: Clear and professional presentation of the report, adhering to IGNOU’s formatting guidelines.

Viva-voce Examination:

Shortlisted Candidates: If your project report meets the required standards, you’ll be shortlisted for a viva-voce examination.

Examination Format: The viva is typically a face-to-face interaction with an evaluator, where you’ll be asked questions about your research project.

Focus of Examination: The viva aims to assess your:

  • In-depth understanding of your research topic.
  • Ability to explain your research methodology and findings.
  • Critical thinking and analytical skills applied in your research.
  • Communication and presentation skills.

Grading System:

The combined evaluation of your project report and viva-voce examination will determine your final grade for the MEVP 11 project. IGNOU likely uses a standard grading system (e.g., A, B, C, etc.) based on the pre-defined evaluation criteria.

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