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List of our Verified IGNOU Solved Assignments

Get an instant PDF download of our certified IGNOU Solved Assignments @19₹ per subject only. We utilise Educated Professionals to ensure that you receive 90+ marks on your IGNOU Assignments. IGNOU Handwritten Solved Assignments are also accessible and will be delivered right to your door. In our Solved Assignments, Artificial Intelligence is employed to deliver precise solutions. Our 250+ Handwriting Samples and 100+ Experts ensure that the Assignment seems to be of high quality.

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Get an instant PDF download of our most accurate IGNOU Solved Question Papers @49₹ per subject only. We utilise Educated Professionals to ensure that you receive 90+ marks on your IGNOU Exams. Preparing with IGNOU Question Papers is the best method for learning in a systematic manner. Studying previous year’s question papers or sample question papers is the best way to have a better understanding of the types of questions answered in examinations. The IGNOU Question Papers provide a far more effective method of resolving issues while also providing adequate preparation for the examinations.
Preparing for the test takes careful preparation in order to achieve a good mark, and this is a popular method for utilising the IGNOU Solved Question Paper. Students can now refer to our solved guess papers when preparing for examinations. Solving IGNOU Previous Year Question Papers is far more beneficial for test preparation since it focuses on improving the student’s knowledge. Exam questions include every subject, and it is prudent to prepare properly. Examining Previous Year Question Papers enables you to practise them appropriately in order to achieve a high mark. When you practise more previous years’ Question Papers, you have a better understanding of how to approach the examination’s questions.
By following this easy procedure, you may immediately obtain the whole question papers, which are ideal for more effective studying. Each candidate should review the previous year IGNOU Question Papers, which are available in PDF and other formats. It is far more convenient to access IGNOU Previous Question Papers online at any time for any course.

Make sure you get the IGNOU Project and IGNOU Synopsis you need instantly


Download PDF file of IGNOU MBA Project & IGNOU MBA Synopsis Instantly i.e., MS 100 & MMPP 1.


Download PDF file of IGNOU MAPC Project & IGNOU MAPC Synopsis Instantly i.e., MPCE 16, MPCE 26, & MPCE 36.


Download PDF file of IGNOU BTS Project & IGNOU BTS Synopsis Instantly i.e., PTS 4, PTS 5, PTS 6.


Download PDF file of IGNOU AHE Project & IGNOU AHE Synopsis Instantly i.e., AHE 01.


Download PDF file of IGNOU DNHE Project & IGNOU DNHE Synopsis Instantly i.e., DNHE 4.


Download PDF file of IGNOU MTTM Project & IGNOU MTTM Synopsis Instantly i.e., MTTM 16.


Download PDF file of IGNOU MAEDU Project & IGNOU MAEDU Synopsis Instantly i.e., MESP 1.


Download PDF file of IGNOU MARD Project & IGNOU MARD Synopsis Instantly i.e., MRDP 1.


We are here to assist you with your IGNOU Project work. You may order a customised project here; either you provide a topic or we will create one for you based on your synopsis, and if your synopsis is accepted, we will also create a report on it. If you wish to have any corrections made to your synopsis or report, we will also make those changes.

I am so thankful to Shri Chakradhar Publication, this is my first project and they were with me every step of the way. I asked a lot of questions related to the same which I’m sure to them were annoying and I was treated as if each question was important and they answered them with patience. They explained the process and kept me informed as each step unfolded.

Amit Kumar

This was my first cooperation with Shri Chakradhar Publication. After research, it was a relief to find Chakradhar Publication who made my synopsis and project very doable and affordable. They helped me in a very professional and efficient manner. The study material I received was very useful. Thanks to you and your entire staff.

Manish Tiyagi

Shri Chakradhar Publication is an extremely beneficial and supportive publisher. I would happily recommend them to any new learner I come in contact with.

Deepshikha Singh

Shri Chakradhar Publication Pvt. Ltd. is India’s largest publishing house dedicated exclusively to students of IGNOU and other distance learning institutions. It was founded in 2012 in Delhi out of empathy and a genuine knowledge of the IGNOU students’ issues and pain spots.

Shri Chakradhar Publication Pvt. Ltd. is in a class of its own. Founded by Dr. Bhavya Kumar Sahni, an IGNOU student who faced these obstacles and overcame them, Shri Chakradhar Publication Pvt. Ltd. excels at providing exactly what Distance Learning/IGNOU students require to excel academically through Focused, Strategic, and Time-Sensitive efforts. As a result of this genuine concern for students’ wellbeing, SCP has become a household name among IGNOU students, with its goods and services widely recognised and admired. Our great, user-friendly Books & Study Material, as well as our robust and dependable distribution network, which includes a global retail distribution chain, ensure that our products are easily accessible to students wherever and at any time.

We are proud to have been a leading private limited company in the publishing industry for the previous 10 years. We take great satisfaction in being students’ first option for a trusted Friend, Philosopher, and Guide by routinely publishing Reference Books, Study Materials, and Refresher Books for various University and Institute Courses. We have already provided them for BAG, BCOMG, BSCG, BCA, BLIS, BTS, BSWG, BAECH, BAHIH, BAPSH, BAPCH, BAPAH, BASOH, BSCANH, BSCBCH, BAEGH, BAHDH, , BAVTM, B.Ed., M.Com, MEG, MHD, MPS, MAH, MSO, MAPC, MEC, MPA, MLIS, MAAN, MARD, MSCDFSM, MSW, MAEDU, MTTM, MGPS, MCA, MSCCFT, MAPY, MAJMC, PGDRD, PGDDM, PGDCFT, PGDEMA, PGHDE, PGDET, PGDFSQM, PGDIS, PGDCJ, DECE, DNHE, DPLAD, DEVMT, DTS, CLIS, CDM, CFN, CRD, CTS, CSWCJS, and MMPC, among others.

Our team is made up of people who are very skilled, qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced. They work tirelessly to help students who are taking online classes all over the world. People who know how to do things very well and have a lot of experience in their field have made our school run smoothly and deliver the best services to our students. SCP makes sure that each Book/Study Material is done to the best of its ability under the guidance of these professionals and is useful to students. Our team is made up of Subject Matter Experts and a lot of other people.

  • Those who make content
  • Editors
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  • It is the job of graphic designers to make things that look good
  • In marketing, experts are people who know how to do their job

All of our books and study materials are only written and edited by people who know a lot about the subject.

  • They are written in a way that is both student-friendly and easy to understand.
  • Enhancing their overall understanding of the subject and getting better grades in their exams
  • Text and question-and-answer forms are both used to teach the subject.
  • Sample papers are always available to help you prepare for the exams.

The cover page is printed in colour, and it is laminated so that it can be kept clean. It’s our job at to make your online shopping experience easy and fun with a simple and fun shopping interface. As simple as 1-2-3!

  1. Choose what you want to buy.
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Because of our effective marketing network and well-thought-out strategies, we can help people even in far-off places. Everyone can enjoy Shri Chakradhar Publication, no matter where they are or what time of day it is! Business ethics are important to us, and we have always been and will always be honest and open with each other. This has helped us build trust and confidence with our clients and distributors. We follow the best practises to make sure our materials are high-quality and meet international standards. These are some of the most important reasons why students love us and keep coming back to us.

  • A huge collection of books on a wide range of topics.
  • All of our new books.
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  • If you buy two or more books that are printed, you get free shipping in India.

Many experts recommend that you read the IGNOU Help Books before preparing for any IGNOU test. Although the student may consult additional reference materials, they should prioritise our IGNOU Help Books. As you are surely aware, IGNOU is the world’s largest university, with 3500000 students. It was founded with the objective of promoting, coordinating, and standardising education throughout India. Due to their substance, quality, validity, affordability, and outstanding depth of knowledge, IGNOU Help Books are immensely popular among IAS hopefuls. IGNOU Help Books have been designed to assist students who share similar goals in accomplishing them. It’s virtually a panacea for IAS candidates. UPSC questions were nearly always based on these one-of-a-kind notes. If studied carefully, it may be quite advantageous in IAS optional courses such as (History, Sociology, and so on).

Here are a few reasons why our IGNOU Help Books are superior to those published by other companies.

  • Provide You With In-Depth Subject Knowledge

Our IGNOU Help Books are well-designed to cover all concepts while also making them accessible to students of all intelligence levels. Additionally, they are designed to allay pupils’ fears and improve their basics.

  • The High proportion Exam Questions For IGNOU Are Drawn From Our IGNOU Help Books

There is a difference between fact and fiction, and our IGNOU Help Books include all of the possible questions on forthcoming IGNOU examinations. IGNOU test papers comprise 90% questions from our IGNOU Help Books; nothing is covered in our IGNOU Help Books. As a result, we can declare that our IGNOU Help Books are indispensable to IGNOU students.

  • The Critical Questions in our IGNOU Help Books are Frequently Twisted and are Frequently Asked in IGNOU Exams.

If you read our IGNOU Help Books, you will note that additional questions such as match the following, respond in one word, and so on are included. This is the portion that students miss while studying from our IGNOU Help Books, and these are the sections that IGNOU twists and transforms into the question paper.

  • Our IGNOU Guidebooks Adhere to the IGNOU Curriculum Strictly.

Our IGNOU Help Books encourage in-depth learning, which results in conceptual clarity, which is advantageous when it comes to answering the most difficult questions that students believe originated from the syllabus or some other source; however, one should accept the truth that the content provided in our IGNOU Help Books is strictly in accordance with the IGNOU curriculum. Thus, if a student has read our IGNOU Help Books thoroughly, he or she will be able to answer any question in the test, regardless of how perplexing the question.

  • Our IGNOU Help Books are More Effective in Clarifying Your Concepts Than Supplementary Books

The most effective study technique is to prioritise our IGNOU Help Books, which are great at explaining difficult concepts, and to store handy review notes for later use. Thus, it can help in quick adjustment during the final days. The best feature of our IGNOU Help Books is that they foster conceptual grasp and clarity, which are sometimes lacking in other materials.

  • IGNOU Faculty Members Recommend Our IGNOU Study Guide Books

IGNOU’s Teachers have always enforced the use of our IGNOU Help Books and have recommended private schools not to refer students to any other books that are a complete waste of time and add unnecessary stress to the student’s life. They mentioned, and meant, that our IGNOU Help Books are sufficient for achieving good marks in examinations; there is no reason to overextend oneself by studying from a number of other books to cover the same subject.

  • Our IGNOU Help Books are written in a simpler language than those published by other publishers.

IGNOU’s Teachers strongly advise students to study our IGNOU Help Books meticulously because they are written and published in an easily understandable language that enables students to solidify their concepts and prepare well for exams, whereas other books may contain language that eludes the student’s mind and frequently results in chaos at the end.

  • Our IGNOU Study Guides Save You Significant Time During Exam Preparation.

Due to the clarity of the language, students can comprehend concepts from Our IGNOU Help Books more quickly than they can from other publications, which saves significant time when it comes to exam preparation time management. The time might be used on subjects in which pupils are deficient or need further practise. Our IGNOU Help Books come in handy in this situation.

  • Our IGNOU Study Guides Are Sufficient For Achieving A High Score On IGNOU Exams.

It explains your concepts, employs more approachable language, covers the whole curriculum, and comes highly recommended by the IGNOU. What more do you require in addition to Our IGNOU Help Books in order to get a high percentage in IGNOU exams?

  • Our IGNOU Help Books Are the Best Option for Preparing for Competitive Exams.

Our IGNOU Help Books are indispensable for UPSC or any other government competitive exam preparation, as they contain vital knowledge and aid students in developing a firm grasp of the subject matter for the mains examination.

We are glad to welcome you to your favourite website, where you can get authentic and original IGNOU Solved Assignments. We are grateful to all IGNOU students for their ongoing trust in us. We have valued our ties for 10 years and are intimately aware of your needs. As a consequence, we make it a point each year to provide you with the most recent IGNOU Solved Assignments. You will get the most genuine and professor-verified IGNOU Solved Assignments for all Courses right here. We use Educated Professionals to ensure that you get at least 90+ on your IGNOU Assignments. In our Solved Assignments, Artificial Intelligence is used to deliver precise solutions. A panel of specialists reviews our assignments for accuracy and ensures that they meet all of IGNOU’s content development guidelines. Responses are presented in their own words wherever possible, rather than being copied and pasted from the study material. You may be confident that if you use our assignments, you will not only pass but also receive great marks.

Students are highly urged to download their IGNOU Solved Assignment from our website as soon as possible. With a single click, you will get the completed IGNOU Solved Assignment on your PC or smartphone.

You won’t need to look any farther on the internet since this Website has all of the information you need regarding IGNOU Assignment Solutions for the sessions 2021-2022, 2022-2023, and future sessions. Students, regardless of their study location, may readily get IGNOU Solved Assignments from our website and use them as needed. It will save students a lot of time and allow them to focus more intently on their studies.

The distinction between IGNOU Solved Assignments from Shri Chakradhar Publication and those from other competitors

Our Verified IGNOU Solved Assignments

  1. The Most Accurate and One-of-a-Kind Assignment Answers
  2. The solutions are well-organized, stylish, and high-quality.
  3. Keep the word count on the Assignment question paper to a minimum.
  4. The answers have been recast in plain, easy-to-understand English.
  5. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is used in our Solved Assignments to deliver verified solutions.
  6. We offer IGNOU Solved Assignments for just @19.
  7. The assignment seems to be of the finest quality thanks to our 250+ handwriting samples and 100+ specialists.

Other Competitors’ Assignments

  1. The design is unappealing, and the printing is subpar.
  2. Excessively extended replies anger eachers.
  3. Study materials from IGNOU were copied and pasted.
  4. Unvalidated content earns lesser marks.

Do you need help writing your IGNOU Project Report or IGNOU Synopsis? Are you a scholar with a job? Are you often busy with other things? It is no longer your problem. Our expert thesis writing services include IGNOU Project Report & IGNOU Synopsis Writing Services.

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The IGNOU Project has quality since it has a decent project statement and a topic to research. This issue is also evident in project papers and research presentation introductions in dissertation writing. After defining the issue, a thorough literature research is conducted. Argumentative project phrases that represent the problem. Notably, this review includes both Indian and worldwide studies. It contextualises and contextualises the study. A thorough research approach is also presented.

All three services are included in the Senior Thesis Statement work as IGNOU Synopsis writing. Along with data analysis, complete IGNOU Project writing solutions are supplied. Also, statistical analysis using SPSS and other tools. The full IGNOU Project is delivered to the customer on time.

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It is the initial phase in the research process. We also assist with IGNOU Project and IGNOU Synopsis for scholars. We also offer dissertation editing services where we thoroughly check the material. Punctuation, grammar, and linguistic content would be checked. We also help students write master’s theses from many fields throughout the world. Our thesis works represent knowledge and its unique contributions in the area.

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IGNOUPROJECT.COM, a firm founded by our company, has one goal. Increasing intellectual contributions in several IGNOU Project Courses. Notably, academicians want direction and help to address the research vacuum. Key elements in its genesis. This social perspective also leads. Before two decades, the firm started and served. We give quality and standard 24/7 help to all IGNOU Students worldwide. Beginning with consultation and understanding the client’s needs about the area/domain of IGNOU Project.

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