In order to help the students, IGNOU has granted an extended assignment submission deadline of May 31st in June 2004. And it targets indeed those who study in ODL and online studies, including GOAL (Graduate Online Application for Learners) and EVBB (Employment and Vocational Bachelor’s Degree).

This extension is very helpful for such learners because it offers relief from the pressure of completing the assignments on time. Here’s a breakdown of the key points and what this means for you.

Why Should This Extension Be Useful?

More time to complete assignmentsStudents facing time constraints due to personal or professional commitments can utilize this extension to ensure well-prepared submissions.
Reduced stress and improved focusThe extension alleviates pressure, allowing students to approach their assignments with a calmer and more focused mindset.
Opportunity to address unforeseen delaysUnexpected situations like illness, technical issues, or lack of access to study materials can be accommodated with the extra time.
Improved quality of workStudents can dedicate more time to research, writing, and proofreading, leading to higher-quality assignments.
Enhanced learning experienceThe extension allows for a deeper understanding of concepts by providing additional time for revision and clarification of doubts.
Why Should This Extension Be Useful?

What Types of Entities Benefit from This Extension?

  • Those students who were unable to dedicate adequate time for the reading due to personal or professional reasons. 
  • Tardiness Students who delayed reading notes or finishing assignments due to unforeseen problems.
  • Those learners who miscalculated the actual time that would be needed to perform the assignments. 

What to Do Before the New Deadline

  • Double-check your assignments: Remember to make sure that they have completed all sections and have covered all the instructions in the assignment instructions.
  • Proofread meticulously: It does not include errors such as typos, grammatical errors, or formatting of a text.
  • Follow the submission guidelines: Please look for specific instructions for your program and the way you will submit your lab—in hard copy or on the Web. 
  • Plan your submission: If you decide to mail or deliver hard copies, take into account the time needed to complete the trip to a study center. If submitting online, make sure that the internet connection does not reset and/or adhere to file size requirements.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute: Like any other event, there are technical hitches or time slippages that may happen. Charging the work before the deadline allows for sufficient time to address any bugs, if any.

Additional Tips for IGNOU Students

  • Utilize IGNOU study materials: enroll in IGNOU, read the textbook and study guides, and use the other learning materials for revision.
  • Connect with fellow students: Create networks or groups for the purpose of sharing assignments, learning materials, or asking fellow students for help.
  • Seek help from your faculty: That is why you need to feel free to contact your assigned faculty members to inquire from them about any requirements you seem to be unclear about this assignment or any other academic issue.
  • Manage your time effectively: Time management is important; it’s time to make a schedule and designate time slots for completing assignments. Set the daily tasks and avoid postponing until it’s too late.

What Happens After IGNOU Extends Assignment Deadline

  • The deadline for the submission of IGNOU solved assignment has been extended until May 31st, 2024, after which the assignments will not be accepted by IGNOU.
  • The following students have been expelled and are therefore not eligible to sit for the June TEE if they fail to submit their assignments within the stipulated dates.


The university should understand student challenges and give extensions to assignment deadlines. Use this additional time wisely to complete assignments in a professional manner and guarantee success in your next testing period in June. It is important to remember that time management skills, resourcefulness, and not relying on reinforcements when help is needed play a pivotal role in achieving academic success at IGNOU.


Q: Does this extension affect all IGNOU programs?
A: This regulation also applies to the students of different types of programs: ODL and the online ones, namely GOAL and EVBB.

Q: How do students submit assignments?
A: The means of submission vary depending on the type of assignment:
Regular assignments: usually used in hard copies at the specific study center.
Projects/dissertations/practical files/internship reports: Can be submitted through the e-proctoring system or through the IGNOU official website.

Q: Where can I get particular submission tips?
A: One should refer to the official IGNOL website or consult one’s assigned study center to learn about the submission procedure for the given program.

But when it comes to the deadline and the way to go about the upcoming June TEE, the IGNP students will have something out of this extended period.

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