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IGNOU Provides study material to all the learners. However, these study material is difficult because they have comprehensive lengthy lessons that are difficult to memorise. Therefore, we create this help book strictly based on the IGNOU MA Political Science syllabus. A perusal of IGNOU previous year MPS 2 solved question papers gives an idea of the type of questions asked in examinations. For example, this Guide Book will help students gain an understanding of the paper pattern and question forms that will be questioned in the exams. In conclusion, here is your chance to get best IGNOU MPS 2 Help Book International Relations: Theory and Problems from us and it will help you to improve your exam preparations.

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Are you looking for best quality IGNOU Reference Book or IGNOU HelpBook? Therefore, we created IGNOU MPS 2 Study Notes International Relations: Theory and Problems with important questions and answer for your convenience. This is the perfect IGNOU MPS 2 Guide Book International Relations: Theory and Problems for you in a descriptive way. You can get each and every detail in this book. Topics and important questions from each unit/block of IGNOU MPS 2 Study Material International Relations: Theory and Problems are well explained in this book and the language of Book is easy for better understanding. Above all, buy this IGNOU Guide Book MPS 2 International Relations: Theory and Problems from us and get best help for your coming examination/assignment.

The study and practice of?international relations?is interdisciplinary in nature, blending the fields of economics, history, and political science to examine topics such as human rights,?global?poverty, the environment, economics, globalization, security,?global?ethics, and the political environment.

The Course MPS 2 International Relations: Theory and Problems is divided into 35 chapters which are as follows:
Chapter- 1 Realist and Neo-Realist Approaches
Chapter- 2 Liberal and Neo-Liberal Approaches
Chapter- 3 Marxist and Other Radical Approaches
Chapter- 4 Neo-Radical Approaches
Chapter- 5 Post-Structuralist and Post-Modernist Approaches
Chapter- 6 Feminist Approaches
Chapter- 7 Environmental Approaches
Chapter- 8 Worldviews from Asia, Africa and Latin America
Chapter- 9 End of Cold War
Chapter- 10 Post-Cold War Issues
Chapter- 11 Emerging Powers
Chapter- 12 Regional Groupings
Chapter- 13 Globalization
Chapter- 14 International Inequities
Chapter- 15 Elements of International Economic Relations
Chapter- 16 Management of International Relations
Chapter- 17 India in the New Global Order
Chapter- 18 Right to Self-determination
Chapter- 19 Intervention/Invasion
Chapter- 20 Nuclear Proliferation
Chapter- 21 International Terrorism
Chapter- 22 Role of Science and Technology in International Relations
Chapter- 23 Inequality among Nations
Chapter- 24 Global Corporatism and State Sovereignty
Chapter- 25 Human Rights and International Trade
Chapter- 26 Changing Nature of American Power
Chapter- 27China as an Emerging Power
Chapter- 28 Emergence of Central Asian Republics
Chapter- 29 Ethnic Resurgence and ?Identity? Wars
Chapter- 30 Aboriginal/Indigenous Movements
Chapter- 31 Displacement of Populations: Intra-state and Inter-state
Chapter- 32 Transnational Movements: Cultural and Civilisational
Chapter- 33 Role of NGOs
Chapter- 34 Concept of Justice in International Relations
Chapter- 35 Human Security

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